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Quick Ways for Paraphrasing a Poem

What Paraphrasing a Poem Is and Isn’t

paraphrasing a poem

Image credit: http://womenonthefence.com

Paraphrasing a poem is usually done either when writing a poem, instead of quoting the poem directly, or more often as a way to understand the literal meaning of a poem. The prose is often paraphrased because what was originally written can be said in a better way. The paraphrase of a poem on the other hand seldom says what the poem says in a better way, nor is it intended to. Paraphrasing poems are not the same as interpreting the meaning of the poem, and you won’t be looking for any symbolism. To paraphrase a poem you are putting the entire poem into prose and changing all the keywords while retaining the original ideas and images

Criteria When Paraphrasing Poem

When you paraphrase a poem the resulting paraphrased text should meet these requirements:

  • Paraphrases of poems are usually longer and never shorter than the poem itself as the poet’s words are precise, with one word sometimes requiring a phrase in prose
  • The poem paraphrase takes into account every phrase in the poem
  • Paraphrases should be written in prose form
  • All keywords in the poem should be changed in the paraphrase

If you have a paraphrase poem assignment, remember that it is for literal meaning and not figurative. The following is a poem followed by the paraphrase of the poem:

“The Pitcher” by Robert Francis

His art is eccentricity, his aim

How not to hit the mark he seems to aim at,

His passion how to avoid the obvious,

His technique how to vary the avoidance.

The others throw to be comprehended. He

Throws to be a moment misunderstood

Yet not too much. Not errant, arrant, wild,

But every seeming aberration willed.

Not to, yet still, still to communicate

Making the batter understand too late.”

Paraphrase of “The Pitcher” by Robert Francis

The expertise of the pitcher is unconventionality, his purpose to miss the target he appears to focus on.

His ardor is to mask his design, his method is the diverse ways he accomplishes this misdirection.

The rest of the team casts the ball to a point that is known. He hurls it so there is no known destination for an instant.

But not completely unknown. His pitch isn’t a mistake, or malevolent or out of control. Rather, every seeming anomaly is planned.

His goal is to not allow the batter to discern his design, until he allows him to belatedly comprehend.

Poem paraphrasing can prove difficult, even for those who are accomplished at paraphrasing prose. If you are having problems with paraphrasing a poem, our service is here to help.

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Advantages of Using Our Paraphrasing Service

There are numerous advantages to using our professional paraphrasing service. These include but are not limited to:

  • Paraphrasing by advanced degree holders in your topic area, who also possess extensive paraphrasing experience and are among the top-rated writers in the industry
  • Guarantees that the finished product you receive completely satisfies all of your requirements.
  • Budget-friendly rates that are affordable
  • Customer support always available 24/7
  • We can paraphrase sentence, paraphrase text or a poem

If you need help with paraphrasing a poem, contact our experts right away!

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