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good service, flexible and fast

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I have checked for the content, it's ok. BTW, I am placing a new order.

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Paper Paraphrasing Service

Why Would I Want to Paraphrase My Paper?

Essay paraphrasingparaphrase my paper is taking an original piece of written work or even the spoken word and rewriting it using completely different words in your own personal style. This is done for a number of reasons; within academic papers, you will often want to refer to other authors work as part of your own paper. Rather than just providing a quotation you paraphrase what they have said to show that you understand what the original was about as well as writing it in a clearer way in your own style for your reader.

In addition to this, you paraphrase to avoid plagiarism; copying is very much frowned upon in academic circles as well as elsewhere. Some people when they ask to “paraphrase my paper” are looking not just for a few paragraphs for inclusion within their work but to rewrite the whole paper so that it can be reused elsewhere such as on a website.services to paraphrase my paper for me

Paraphrase My Paper: 8 Mistakes to Avoid

Learn how to paraphrase your paper correctly.  Avoid the following mistakes when performing the task.  Do not take shortcuts with these wrong methods of rewriting that some writers commit.

  1. Replacing words with their synonyms: This mistake must be avoided at all cost. Rewriting isn’t about replacing words into their synonyms but about reproducing the same idea of the author correctly – and with your wording.
  2. Rewriting without understanding – You can clearly notice this mistake if you quickly jump into paraphrasing without a thorough understanding of the text. If you commit this blunder, you will end up with an ineffective paraphrased paper. Remember that your main goal is to translate the idea into a simpler language for your readers; it is not to confuse them because you yourself don’t actually know what you’re writing.
  3. Using the same sentence flow or structure – This method is a sure fire way of committing plagiarism. It will make your content exactly the same way as the original appears.
  4. Looking at the source while paraphrasing – It is not only ineffective but also time-consuming. You can avoid it if you begin the task only until you thoroughly understand the message of the author.
  5. Coming up with a longer version – Rewriting is about paraphrasing while keeping the meaning of the original.   Writing a longer version will only make it appear as if you have included your personal thoughts or opinion on the content. It is not the proper way to rewrite. What to do is to come up with roughly the same length or shorter than the original text is.
  6. Not citing the source – Be honest and earn the trust of your readers.  Highlighting where you derived the information, you can build credibility and give readers an opportunity to do further readings if they want to.
  7. Not checking for grammar and spelling – Paraphrasing must also be grammatically correct. Look for mistakes in spelling, sentence structure, syntax and spelling, among other parts of the English language.
  8. Not quoting direct statements – It is another way of committing plagiarism. Avoid it by enclosing direct statements inside a parenthesis. Make sure to indicate where the statement starts and ends if you’re paraphrasing the source. For example, according to, based on the study of, ___ says that…

reword my paper to avoid plagiarism

How Do I Reword My Paper?

reword my paperIf you want to “paraphrase my paper” then you must understand that paraphrasing is not as simple as just taking each word in turn and swapping it for a synonym direct from your thesaurus. This would still be considered copying and if done by a software program it can also result in the production of complete garbage.

To paraphrase you need to take all of the points that the original makes and then reword them in your own style and words. This is often best done with just a list of bullet points rather than with reference to the original document so that you do not just end up repeating what the original author has said. This, however, is often easier said than done.

Who Can Rewrite My Paper?

rewrite my paperYou want someone to “paraphrase my paper”? Come to us for a professional and guaranteed service. We will provide you with a real expert who will be qualified in the specific subject area of your paper. They will use their understanding of the original document and their writing skills to paraphrase your paper quickly and accurately.

Our writers are highly qualified and experienced, we do not hire cheap freelancers on a job by job basis looking for the cheapest possible provider even if they do not speak English as some paraphrasing services do.

If You Paraphrase My Paper, Will It Be Guaranteed?

paraphrase my paperWe provide you with a full satisfaction guarantee for your work.

Our experts will produce top-quality paraphrased papers which in turn are fully proofread and then run through a plagiarism checker to assure you of their originality and quality.

So if you need someone to “paraphrase my paper” contact us today for the best possible risk free service available online!