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Thanks for the editing. Can I work with the same writer in future work? Please let me know his/her name so I can ask for his service in future if available.

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I have checked for the content, it's ok. BTW, I am placing a new order.

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Good paper! Nice work.

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Excellent paper, got a really good grade for this one. Thanks a lot!!!!! The writing, structure, content, everything excellent.

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Thanks for everything. It was excellent writing!

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I already read the paper and it’s fine for me. i satisfied with the service. Thank you so much.. i will use ur service in future.

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Content Rewriting Service

Why Do People Need Content Rewriting?

content rewritingWebsites need to be kept fresh and also need the regular addition of new content if you are going to maintain the interest of both your readers and the search engines such as Google. However constantly coming up with new and original content can be almost impossible. So sometimes it is easier to take older pieces of work or work from elsewhere and rewrite content in your own words for publication on your site. The problem with this is that the search engines do not like duplicate content or badly rewritten work so you have to ensure that the content rewrite that is done is completely different from the original so that you do not incur any penalties for plagiarism.

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Can’t a Spinning Program Do Content Paraphrasing?

Content paraphrase software which is often called spinning software is not your best solution. Many of these software programs will turn out complete garbage if they are used incorrectly and even if used right they will not change the structure and format of your work enough to fool most of the search engines. If the work can be done by software it can also be spotted by software. True paper paraphrasing will result in a new document that will look completely different to the original with different paragraphs and sentences rather than just a few words having been changed here and there.

5 Tips for Rewriting Content

  1. Reproduce ideas, but don’t copy exact words. You’re copying the ideas of the author in rewriting, but you’re not copying the content itself.  That’s the reason you should not look at the source when performing the task. What to do is to understand the ideas of the author, and then write from scratch.  As a tip, you must read per paragraph and then write using your words from your memory without looking at the original source.
  2. Don’t rewrite on a sentence level but by paragraph. One of the common mistakes of newbie writers is that they paraphrase by sentence. It’s not the correct way of doing it. Your mission is to come up with a new version of the content, not to copy and write in the exact way that the author did in the content.  In short, you should not copy his specific wording and sentence structure too.
  3. Work your way down by placing the author’s work below your content. Paraphrasing content isn’t only about rewriting ideas, but it’s also about speed.   To make the process faster, you must cut and paste the content into your word document for a chance to glance at it briefly while rewriting.  Using this method, you can also check for any accidental plagiarism and avoid ruining your workflow and speed. Once you are sure that the content is unique, delete that paragraph and proceed to the next one.
  4. Don’t be afraid sharing your ideas once in a while. You’re using the article as a reference, but it does not mean you stick with an idea if you don’t agree with it. You can let your voice be heard, unless the client requests that you stay true to the source article or content.
  5. Add more when needed. When in doubt that your version looks exactly the same as that from the article in the source, you can add more content from other sources and rewrite them too. Especially if doing so will add more value to your content, don’t think twice in adding more content to come up with a great copy.

Can Anyone Provide a Content Rewrite?

Would you ask someone who does not speak good English and has no qualifications or experience to rewrite website content? No? Well, this is exactly what many people do when they go to some cheap services or directly hire the cheapest freelancers that they can find, The end result is often total rubbish that has clearly been written by someone that does not understand either the subject or the language. Even worse it will often fail a plagiarism checker which will cause you major problems with the search engines.

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We Can Give You Quality Content Rewriting Guaranteed

Unlike some other services that use software or unqualified writers we only provide content rewriting through our team of highly qualified and experienced writers. They will rewrite your content from first principles using their own extensive knowledge of the subject and understanding of the original document.

The resultant work is then proofread by another expert before being run through a plagiarism checker to confirm that it is fully free of any possibility of copying. We know that you will be fully satisfied with everything that we do and will work with you to solve any issues at all or return your money. There is no risk to you at all in using our highly professional content paraphrasing service so get in touch with us today.

If you need help with content rewriting, just give us a call now!