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Guidelines for Paraphrasing PowerPoint

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Reasons for Paraphrasing PowerPoint Information

Using the paraphrased information in a PowerPoint presentation is similar to using text paraphrasing in an essay. Some of the reasons you paraphrase information from other sources for your PowerPoint presentation include 1) so that it will fit your particular style while retaining the original meaning and 2) to demonstrate your understanding of the material. Inadequate paraphrasing or failure to include a citation crediting the original source can both be considered plagiarism.

Paraphrasing PowerPoint has its share of challenges. Imagine when you have to paraphrase the text, it can already be a tedious task. All the more if you have to paraphrase the content in such a way that it fits your presentation. Unfortunately, there a lot of instances where people just copy everything that the sort out from other references or materials without really taking the time to paraphrase to content. It can still be plagiarism.

What Are the Common Difficulties in Paraphrasing PowerPoint Process?

Most people struggle when it comes to paraphrasing content, the same thing applies to PowerPoint presentations. Here are some of the main difficulties in paraphrasing powerpoints:

  • First is the fact that not everyone knows exactly what paraphrasing means. Some think that it is just merely changing words or replacing the words with their respective synonyms. But it is actually trying to interpret what you have read in your own ideas and come up with your own writing style and word usage.
  • Another difficulty is that once you start paraphrasing, the tendency is for you to add more details which can be a problem especially if you want your presentation to be concise and narrow down.
  • There are also a lot of people who are not knowledgeable when it comes to the right paraphrasing methods.
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Basic Guidelines for Paraphrasing PowerPoint Source Material

When you put together a PowerPoint presentation, you will likely be including material that you have obtained from various different sources. Paraphrasing this information allows you to present it in your own style and words. The following are some basic guidelines to paraphrase PowerPoints source information:

  • Citations for paraphrase PowerPoint presentations contain should be done in a similar fashion to in-text citations for essays. At the end of the paraphrase include the author’s name and the publication date.
  • Paraphrase selectively-PowerPoint text often serves more as a prompt than anything else. You will want to avoid paraphrasing large amounts of text in one block
  • Make sure your paraphrase retains the original meaning. Don’t allow your own opinions or ideas to slip into your paraphrase.
  • Don’t just exchange words with their synonyms. Word meaning can change with context which could result in the original meaning of the source being lost. Also, a paraphrase would be considered inadequate if the only changes to the original were altering some words.

If paraphrasing PowerPoint source information is giving you some difficulties, our company provides a paraphrasing service that can help. When you find yourself in need of professional paraphrase help, look no further, since our company provides high-quality services for the best possible price.
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5 Do’s in Paraphrasing PowerPoints

When doing paraphrase PowerPoint, here are some of the things that you need to keep in mind:

  • Take the time to read the source material over and over again. This is the only way for you to have the right interpretation and it’s easier for you to understand the meaning of the text that you are reading.
  • There are various online resources that you can use on the internet so you can see how paraphrasing PowerPoint is actually done. Take a look at the different samples so you get to compare how the original is different from the paraphrased one.
  • Highlight the main and sub-ideas of the source material. This is one way for you to see which details you want to include in how you can effectively with them.
  • If you are having a hard time, one of the best ways for you is to hire a professional expert who can help you all throughout. Paraphrasing experts can help you in so many ways since they know all the different strategies, methods, and other techniques.

5 Don’ts in Paraphrasing PowerPoint

  • One of the main mistakes that individuals make is that they just try to copy everything that they have in their PowerPoint thinking that it’s not plagiarism. Technically, it still is.
  • Another common mistake is that you should not just change the words. Even though this is the easiest method of rewriting, but this is not the proper or correct way.
  • Even if you are citing materials from other sources and it’s a PowerPoint presentation, you still need to provide the name of the owner or where you got the resource material.
  • Do not just assume that since it’s just a PowerPoint then it is really not needed.
  • Do not forget to proofread your work.

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