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Thanks for the editing. Can I work with the same writer in future work? Please let me know his/her name so I can ask for his service in future if available.

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FAQ on Service Work Process

Will onlineĀ assistanceĀ provide me with truly original documents? I cannot risk copied work?

One of the most common reasons for online support is rewriting content to avoid problems with plagiarism. We hire only the best writers who clearly understand the need to produce work that will be free of even the smallest possibility of copying. In addition to this, every piece of work produced will be run through a plagiarism checker to confirm its originality.

How long does it take you to paraphrase?

Depending on your needs, we can rewrite your paper within 24 hours. In general, the help process is measured by the number of pages.

Do your editors have a high level of English proficiency?

One of the most common problems using a serviceĀ is that some less reputable services will have your work done by the cheapest freelancer they can find. This is often someone in a third world country with no subject knowledge, zero qualifications and often very poor English. The end result, of course, is a very poor document that was clearly written by someone that does not understand the language. Our writers have fluent English skills and will provide documents that are clearly written in perfect English.

Where is your office located?

Our offices are located in more than 10 countries in the world but our main office is in the UK.

I need academic APA format, can you do this?

Any required format can be provided to you by our experts. Our writers are higher degree holders and very experienced in providing writing in various academic styles. They know how to provide the in-text references as well as citations at the end of your paper.

I need my website content rewritten, is it safe to use a spinner program?

Spinning programs provide a very inexpensive way to rewrite your content, although it is not true reformulating. Most spinning programs are very simple and will take each word or short phrase and replace it with an alternative from its in-built thesaurus. Used incorrectly they will often produce complete rubbish that is totally unreadable. Used correctly it will produce a document that contains mainly different words but the structure, sentence count and everything else will be basically the same. This means that it can still be spotted as a copy by some of the search engines and can cause your whole website to be penalized. It is far better to have your documentĀ done by an expert who understands the subject and can rewrite in a totally original manner.

What guarantees does your service have?

Our services are covered by a full satisfaction guarantee. We aim to provide the very best with every step of our process; if you feel that we have let you down then you need to tell us. We will aim to correct any issue to your satisfaction or offer you a refund of your purchase. We aim for fully satisfied customers who will want to return to use us time and again.

If there are any questions left concerning our work process here, feel free to ask our experts!