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Best Approaches to ESL Paraphrasing

esl paraphrasing practice help online

Purpose of ESL Paraphrasing

Paraphrasing is a skill that ESL students need to learn, while at the same time it is a useful tool for teaching those students. Being able to paraphrase a section of the text well, demonstrates that the writer of the paraphrased material understands the text they are paraphrasing. ESL students are often preparing for academic studies at English speaking schools, and to be successful must understand paraphrasing and be able to paraphrase text themselves.

Academic institutions that use English require a certain level of proficiency to be demonstrated by students that aren’t native English speakers, and being able to quickly and accurately paraphrase is one way of demonstrating that proficiency.

esl paraphrasing practice free exercises

Approaches to ESL Paraphrase

When teaching paraphrasing to ESL students there is different approaches that may be used. For some students in ESL, the paraphrase is an unfamiliar concept altogether. Some ways to approach paraphrasing for ESL students include:

  • Explain the purpose of paraphrasing. Cover the issue of academic integrity and paraphrase plagiarism. Students are often more motivated if they understand the reason behind learning something and how important it is.
  • Compare summarizing, quoting and paraphrasing and explain differences and similarities. Explain how paraphrasing is a tool to be used in writing and how it will support and lend credibility to their paraphrasing PowerPoints.
  • Practice group paraphrase. Learning games such as providing a piece of text to one student to paraphrase, who will then pass their version to another and check the end result after three or four students have paraphrased, is entertaining for students as well as useful in showing how important accurate paraphrasing is.
  • Provide paraphrasing strategies for students to use. They will have to learn that paraphrasing isn’t a simple matter of swapping words with synonyms. Restructuring sentences and understanding the context of words used are just two of the concepts that need to be taught.

paraphrasing for esl students tips

The following are some of the different ways that you can improve your vocabulary while practising paraphrasing:

  • Synonyms: changing words for another that means the same is a quick way of paraphrasing while improving your understanding of English. Care must be taken not to simply jump into the dictionary however as many words have multiple meanings, so understanding is a must.
  • Nominalizations: this is the process of changing a verb, adjective or adverb into a noun within your writing such as changing refuse to refusal. By using this process not only do you improve your vocabulary you also ensure that your writing is seen as more professional.
  • Active and passive voice usage: another excellent way to rewrite something while practising your English is to move between passive and active voices. While it is preferable to write in the active voice using the passive can be effective during paraphrasing and English practice.
  • Combining sentences: often when you start learning English you will concentrate on shorter sentences. By making more complex sentences you get to learn many joining words such as Nor, and, for and others that can be used effectively to improve your vocabulary.

If you don’t know how to approach ESL paraphrase, our online paraphrasing service can help.

how to paraphrase a poem online

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