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12 Powerful Resume Paraphrasing Tips

best resume paraphrasing services

Reasons to Paraphrase Resume for Job Hunting

Job hunting like many other things has changed and what used to work on resumes might not any longer. To give yourself the best chance of landing the interview you want it may be time to review and rewrite your resume. There have been changes in the way resumes are written and you are doing yourself a disservice if you don’t rewrite yours and catch up with the times. It is not always easy to find a good job and there is plenty of competition out there. You need to do everything you can to tip things in your favor when looking for a job including revising your old resume. Firstly, you can try to find some online rewriting services.

Conducting a paraphrase résumé is to help you to ensure that you get your application viewed by the recruiter and get invited for an interview. We do this because:

  • You want to use the same keywords that the recruiter will use within their ATS or your resume will never reach the part where it is reviewed by an actual person.
  • You want to reflect the language that the recruiter has used and will be expecting to see.
  • To make your resume stand out from the many others that the recruiter will read.
  • To carefully match you to the precise expectations of the role that you are applying to.

Resume Paraphrasing Tips and Suggestions

The following are 12 tips for rewriting your resume that can benefit you:

  1. Make job titles descriptive: Rather than using your official job title for previous positions, create one that describes what you did. Many titles are unique to specific companies and a potential employer may not know exactly what it is. A job title that describes your duties can be much more effective as it can define your role and make it clear how it is related to the position you are seeking. This is known as a functional job title. You should be sure it accurately describes what your duties were.
  2. Eliminate the objective section: Having an objectives section is the old way of writing a resume. If your resume includes an objective section then you need to get rid of it. It is taking up space that can be better used for something else.
  3. Include a summary section. The first section after your name and contact information should be a Summary section and this is what replaces the old Objectives portion of your resume. This section will provide a short 3 or 4 sentence summary of your qualifications for the position you are applying for. It is intended to highlight skills the position calls for and to generate further interest in the reader. Having a summary of your qualifications at the top of your resume can grab the reader’s attention and encourage them to read further.
  4. Use a traditional font: A traditional font like Times New Roman that is easy to read might not be exciting. However it is much more likely to get read. Make sure that the font size is big enough to be easily read. A font size of 10 may be acceptable but 12 is probably better. Anything smaller than 10 is not big enough.
  5. Avoid graphics in your resume: Any graphics should be strictly limited to dividing lines and bullet lists. Using graphics makes the resume more difficult to read. In addition some of the software used by companies to store and read resumes are unable to read graphics.
  6. Use keywords to target a position: When employers or hiring managers are scanning resumes they often don’t read every word. They are looking for key words from the position description. You need to determine those things the reader will be looking for on your resume and ensure that they are included in your summary and employment history.
  7. Education section: Unless specifically requested don’t include your high school in the education section. The education section is generally reserved for education you have received following high school including college, trade schools, or any other specialized training.
  8. List additional skills: Include additional skills and certifications you have. Foreign languages and any professional certifications you have as well as specific equipment and software you are familiar with if relevant are always good to include.
  9. Eliminate the unnecessary and irrelevant: Things such as your hobbies and what you do in your spare time shouldn’t be included in a resume. Anything not relevant should be left out.
  10. References: Years ago the phrase “References available on request” was always included at the end of a resume. However this is no longer the case. If an employer wants you to provide references they will ask.
  11. Proofread your resume: After writing your resume put it aside for a day or two. Then proofread for spelling mistakes, typos and other mechanical errors that can reflect poorly on you. These are basic mistakes that are easy to correct and which could eliminate you from consideration for a position.
  12. Have somebody you trust proofread your resume: If possible have a friend or somebody you trust proofread your resume. Our brains often fool our eyes into seeing what we expect to see rather than what is there. A second set of eyes can prove invaluable and help catch any mechanical errors you overlook.

Of course, it will be easier for you to order our professional paraphrasing services for making your CV better.

Use these resume paraphrasing tips, order our services and it will help you catch the attention of hiring managers!